CTKL Membership Application

ctkl_tyolais toverini

CTKL fonds: MG10, D, 8, 3, I3

Translation into English:

Fellow Worker! Join us?

The working class that has involved itself in the labour movement is at present thoroughly under the sway of pessimism. Its boundless enthusiasm, its faith, its self sacrificing trust in the labour movement has ended. It has forsaken its weapons of struggle, abandoned its organizations, and retreated bitterly to recall the beautiful dreams of the past….dreams that were never realized.

Everywhere we see formerly organized workers, but rarely those who are presently organized. The last nearly twenty years have been a time of tribulations for the labour movement. The last years especially, which according to some theories should be a time of fiery upsurge, have proved to be the most destructive period in the history of the labour movement on this continent and the entire world.

It is not at all surprising that the bitter experiences and overwhelming disappointments that the international working class has had its share of in recent years, at the hands of the workers’ political parties and conservative trade unions, has given birth to pessimism and hopelessness. It is not at all surprising that a segment of the workers has lost all hope in the working class in relation to class action and plunged entirely into indifference. After all, it’s quite natural that not all of these disenchanted workers have had the strength right away to grasp the real reasons for the cause of this disappointment. They cannot manage to comprehend that these disappointments have resulted from organizations, to which they have belonged, being unfit to realize their aspirations. These workers need time for reflection and effective class education that must be carried out among them, as they must be included in the real class war.

Non-class conscious workers fear collective action and they have always feared it. According to their conception, there is something dry, old, and inappropriate about it, since they believe that the structure of society is just as it ought to be. The purpose and objective of the C.T.K.L. is to uproot these conceptions by teaching workers those lessons in struggle that the I.W.W. represents as a class organization of the proletariat. As the workers are freed from the hypnotic power of the politickers, and come to see the meaninglessness of the conservative trade unions, they will become supporters of industrial unionism – true class fighters.

WORKERS, you who meekly sigh, stop to think about the organizational backwardness that has pushed you into this misery.

Arise and do more than only complain!



Think about what your life is now, what it could be and what it should be.

The current life of the working class is not living – it is merely being.

It will not be improved by complaining nor sighing, but only through struggle.

Humanity is faced with a problem and it is this….shall the MANY or only the FEW, benefit from the abundant fruits that we have learned to conquer from the soil and the powers of nature.

Industrial unionism was born to solve just this problem. It proclaims that the earth and all that is on it BELONGS TO US ALL.

Our ranks have space for you too. Join us and do your duty, as this sprouts and bears a fruit that we ourselves as well as our descendants can be proud of. You are not alone. Your work is not futile. We will pull our stalks together, our power will grow and we will win.

Neighbour – fellow worker – come along!

Membership Application

I agree to CTKL membership
Present this membership application at your local CTKL meeting


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